5 Worst Case Scenarios When You Don’t Have Commercial Insurance

Worst Scenarios without Commercial Insurance in San Diego, CA

When planning business operations in San Diego, agency owners should always think in terms of the worst possible things that could happen and how having a solid insurance policy can keep them protected. Here are 5 scenarios that underscore the need for commercial insurance in San Diego.

1. Slip and Fall Accidents

A grocery store owner could absorb a major business loss if a customer is injured after slipping on a wet floor. This is a classic example of the need for liability insurance coverage, one of the most important aspects of operating a retail business.

2. Stolen Vehicle

Pizza shops typically offer home delivery, which means they need to register and insure each vehicle used for business purposes. If any of these vehicles are stolen, a San Diego commercial auto insurance policy covers this type of financial loss.

3. Incompetent Closing

A mortgage brokerage could face a lawsuit filed by a title insurance agent who feels a loan officer made several mistakes in a file that did not close properly. The cost of legal remediation could be covered by errors and omissions insurance.

4. Malpractice

If a person develops a massive infection that lands him or her in the hospital after a visit to the dental clinic, he or she may decide to file a lawsuit against the dentist. Malpractice insurance covers some of the potential losses arising from the cost of defending against the claim, as well as any judgments or settlement agreements.

5. A Business Slump

An ice cream shop could see a sudden and severe decline in business just a couple of months before the high tourist season begins. If shutting down for six weeks is the only feasible option, a business interruption insurance policy may cover payroll, taxes, rent, and other expenses to keep the shop open.

Make sure your business is adequately covered in the event of financially devastating scenarios such as these. Contact American Tri-Star Insurance today, and we can help you select a policy to best suit your agency’s needs. In addition to commercial insurance, we also offer the affordable health, home, bond, and car insurance San Diego residents trust. For more information and to receive a complimentary quote, call one of our knowledgeable agents at 619-272-2100 today.