Workers’ Comp San Diego Businesses and Employees Rely On

Every business owner wants to have a safe work environment that allows employees to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and help the agency prosper. However, even when preventive safety measures are taken, accidents can still happen. An employee might trip on an unsecured cord and break a bone, equipment could malfunction and cause serious injury, and many other sudden events can occur. If one of your employees is injured while working, it’s important to address his or her medical needs as soon as possible so he or she can recover and return to work more quickly. American Tri-Star of San Diego, CA, can put together a workers’ comp policy to meet your business’s specific needs and ensure you’re covered in case an employee is injured.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Covers Legal and Medical Costs

Worker’s comp coverage is designed to help employees pay for medical bills and cover the costs of missed work hours if they received injuries or occupational diseases while performing their jobs. This type of insurance can also protect your business from being sued by employees who claim workplace conditions led to injury or illness. The important thing to remember is this coverage is only valid if an employee was injured or became ill directly because of his or her job, not because of something that took place when off the clock.

Workers’ Comp Coverage Provides Financial Protection

California law requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance even if they only have one employee. If your business lacks workers’ compensation coverage in California, you could face criminal charges, including hefty fines and even considerable jail time. In addition, you could be responsible for paying medical bills related to the work injury or illness. Securing San Diego workers’ comp insurance from American Tri-Star means your businesses won’t have to face these financial losses.

When Tri-Star San Diego receives a workers’ comp claim, one of our experienced agents gets in touch with you, your employee, and your employee’s medical provider right away. As a result, benefits can be paid quickly and questionable claims can be investigated as early as possible. We’re here to help minimize the risk of loss caused by a workers’ comp claim and its impact on your agency. Give one of our agents a call at 619-272-2100 to learn more.