Do You Need Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Telecommuters?

Telecommuter Compensation in San Diego, CA

Many businesses turn to telecommuting as a way to cut costs. Though having employees work from home can bring down overhead, it doesn’t negate the need for worker’s compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is an essential aspect of business insurance in National City, no matter where it is your employees complete their work. Here are some reasons why it’s just as important to have this coverage for telecommuters as it is for in-house employees.

Accidents Can Still Occur Offsite

The purpose of worker’s compensation is to protect a agency from claims after an employee is injured on the job, but performing a job at home doesn’t mean an injury will never occur. If an employee is telecommuting and is injured at home while on the clock, there is a good chance it will be considered a work-related injury.

Telecommuting Means You Have Less Control Over Safety

When employees work from home, the library, or a coffee shop, a business has absolutely no control over the safety of their working environment. In an office environment, you can ensure there are no loose tiles, boxes, broken ladders, or other hazards present, but you can’t take these same measures when your employees telecommute. With less control over the possible dangers they face, you have an even greater need for insurance to protect you.

Working Hours and Responsibilities Are Difficult to Clarify

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessity when your employees telecommute, but it doesn’t cover any kind of preventive planning. For this reason, it’s important to have clearly defined work hours and responsibilities documented for your telecommuting employees. This can help limit the incidents that can qualify for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Helps Retain Employees

Worker’s compensation does more than just protect you against expenses associated with work-related injuries. It sends a clear message to employees that you care about their safety and security. This is not only a great way to keep valued employees, but it can also be a factor in overall productivity levels.

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