How Moving Violations Affect Car Insurance Costs

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Moving violations are never fun to deal with. From a potentially nerve-wracking conversation with law enforcement to the possibility of having to pay hefty fines to the court, getting a ticket is something that no one wants to deal with. If you’ve recently received a moving violation, you might be surprised at the effect it can have on your car insurance costs, regardless of which San Diego car insurance agency you use.

A Moving Violation Weighs Heavily on Your Premium

One basic violation such as passing on the right or rolling through a stop sign on average increases insurance premiums by as much as 32 percent in California, compared to an average increase of 19 percent for the rest of the country. Driving up to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit in California causes an average premium increase of 32 percent.

Proposition 103, a state law that allows drivers to keep up to a 20 percent discount on their premiums if they only have one moving violation in a three year period, is often forgotten or ignored when insurance agencies calculate premiums. The law also states that insurance agencies must use the number of miles driven annually and the years of driving experience along with moving violations to calculate an accurate rate.

How Long do Moving Violations Affect Premium Amounts?

In most cases, as long as the violation is part of your driving record, your insurance premium will be affected by it. For basic violations, most insurance agencies ask for a three year driving history, while more serious issues such as driving under the influence or suspended licenses can appear on your record for up to 10 years.

Does California Use a Point System Like Other States?

California does place points on driver’s licenses for a variety of moving violations. For a simple citation, one point is placed on the driver’s record. The driver may attend traffic school to have the point removed if the moving violation was minor and the driver has maintained a good driving record for the past three years. If the point and violation are removed from your DMV record, it won’t affect your insurance premium.

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