3 Reasons You Should Insure Your Business Against Cyber Risks

Cyber Insurance in San Diego, CA

Cyber threats are growing throughout the world at a tremendous pace. Even still, many agencies believe they do not need to be insured against cyber risks. Before you make up your mind for certain, the insurance experts at American Tri-Star Chula Vista want to share some of the most important reasons you need cyber liability insurance.

1. The Threat Is Growing Worldwide 

We live in a time when cyber attacks are becoming commonplace. Though you may think your agency is too small for such an attack, smaller agencies are often easier to hack, which makes them bigger targets for cyber attacks.

2. You Are Responsible for the Data 

If your agency is managing data stored on the Internet or in the cloud, you are responsible for what happens to it, even if your agency isn’t technically hosting it. According to legal expert Karen L. Stevenson, Buchalter Nemer’s senior counsel, your agency is still legally responsible for any data taken from your computers or cloud servers. To put it simply, you need protection because you are legally liable for such an attack.

3. Most Basic Policies Won’t Cover Cyber Liability

You could have the best insurance on the market today, and the odds are still very slim that your policy covers cyber risks. Insurance against a cyber attack is a brand of insurance all its own, and it likely will not be included in other types of Chula Vista commercial insurance. Most general liability policies specifically exclude any losses incurred due to the Internet, not only through hacking, but also through technical failures. The truth of the matter is that you cannot be properly insured in today’s business world without having a specific policy that provides cyber liability insurance.

Cyber risks aren’t the only liability a business can face. To learn about the different types of insurance your agency might need, get in touch with Tri-Star Insurance. In addition to reliable commercial insurance, we also offer health, home, auto, and motorhome insurance Chula Vista residents can trust. Call 619-827-0522 today to speak with a knowledgeable agent and receive a complimentary quote.