Why Millennials Are Buying More Recreational Vehicles

Why Millennials Are Buying RVs in San Diego, CA

Traditionally, baby boomers and retired adults have dominated RV sales, but millennials are bucking this trend. Campground spots and RV sales have surged in recent years with millennials making up about 38 percent of camper sales across the country. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association even predicts this growing demand will push RV sales to their highest level ever, a major change considering the industry nearly went under during the Great Recession. As a result, there will likely be an increasing need for RV insurance in San Diego and other cities.

It turns out millennials and young families are turning to RVs for a mobile, affordable lifestyle and adventure. The president of the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, Frank Hugelmeyer, has said there is a false narrative that millennials don’t have money. RVs are also available in a huge array of price ranges and types. Lower-cost models are often marketed to millennials, but many are opting for upscale recreational vehicles that include amenities like retractable TVs and electric fireplaces. For under $10,000, an entry-level RV includes a small toilet, kitchen, and bed.

Rapid changes in what RVs offer has also won over millennials. Gone are the days of clunky, gas-guzzling recreational vehicles. Today, there’s something for everyone. For instance, young families with sedans can tow a small RV. With the rising popularity of SUVs and pickup trucks over sedans, towing an RV has also become easier. Modern RVs are much more fuel-efficient than models made even five years ago, and they include amenities that appeal to the younger generation, like Wi-Fi, stainless steel appliances, and built-in leather furnishings. These amenities make many RVs today more like luxury apartments on wheels than what many people remember of RVs from decades long gone.

For some millennials, an RV offers an affordable way to travel and reduce housing costs. Payments can be under $200 per month with a 10-year loan, and the relatively low cost of a campsite means living anywhere is possible for a fraction of the price of rent or a mortgage. Many RVs even include solar panels for the ultimate in affordable living.

Others view RVs as an accessible way to enjoy an active lifestyle and explore the country. RVs lend themselves well to traveling open roads, camping, and visiting events like NASCAR, Burning Man, and Coachella. An activity called “boondocking” is also popular among millennials. Boondocking involves RV owners who go off the grid to state and national forests away from traditional crowded RV campgrounds. With solar panels and on-board Wi-Fi, RVs make it easier for millennials to escape city life and crowds.

Unlike the older generation, millennials who buy RVs are usually more focused on activities and lifestyle rather than destinations. An RV offers easy and affordable access to places to kayak, hike, attend major events, or just enjoy nature.

RV manufacturers are expecting sales to top 450,000 to 500,000 in 2018. With this major boom in the industry, manufacturers are likely to offer even more high-tech, modern features in upcoming models.

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