Most Common Reasons for Cars Not Starting

My Car is not Starting in San Diego, CA

Nothing is more frustrating than being ready to leave for work or another important engagement and realizing your car won’t start. However, you shouldn’t stress too badly because you can easily fix this issue in many cases and even prevent it in the future. San Diego auto insurance experts discuss a few common reasons why cars suddenly don’t start.

Dead Battery

A drained battery is the most common cause for a car refusing to start. Parasitic drain is a natural occurrence that takes a small amount of power from the battery, and it can happen whether the car is running or not. Leaving the headlights on while the car is running causes a more dramatic drain, but the alternator can help the battery regain its power during daily driving. Corrosion on top of the battery terminals can also cause an uneven electrical connection, preventing the vehicle from starting.

Faulty Key

Bugs in an electronic key system can keep a car from starting for security issues, and cellphones and radio antennas can cause interference with these smart keys. Make sure your electronic keys are properly coded to the vehicle to prevent the security system from becoming confused. A defective solenoid or starter can also be the culprit for a dead car. Clicking sounds may occur instead of the engine cranking. Replacing starter parts such as the bushings, gears, and bearings can remedy this.

No Fuel

Running out of gas is the most obvious fuel-related issue for a car that won’t start. Never allow your fuel levels to go below a quarter tank because this can damage the engine. A damaged or faulty pump can also cause unnecessary wear and prevent the engine from receiving adequate fuel, and a clogged fuel filter may need to be replaced to allow proper distribution of fuel to the engine.

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential for cars to start, but they are often overlooked when troubleshooting. The spark plugs send voltage to the engine, allowing it to start. Signs of bad spark plugs can include hesitation during startups and the car running roughly. Spark plugs are affordable and easy to replace, and oftentimes they are all a car needs to get back on the road.

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