4 Reasons to Include a General Liability Policy in Your Quotes

Reasons To Include GLP in Quotes in San Diego, CA

If you are a contractor or self-employed professional, you should always mention you are covered by a San Diego general liability insurance policy when providing quotes to your clients. Here are 4 reasons you should include one of these policies when quoting a job.

1. Comply with Regulations

If your profession requires you to obtain a license from one of the bureaus or boards under the California Department of Consumer Affairs, chances are you are expected to always be covered by general liability policies. Your clients may not be aware of this compliance requirement, but it is always good to let them know.

2. Reduce the Risk of Lawsuits

We live in litigious times and under the political leadership of a President whose history of lawsuits is impressive. Mentioning a general liability policy to your clients will not prevent lawsuits, but you will have coverage as well as the assurance the insurer has a duty to defend against civil complaints.

3. Show the Value of Safety

You always want to give an impression you value the safety of your colleagues, workers, associates, and clients, and a general liability policy is one of the most essential components of commercial insurance in San Diego. When you mention the proper insurance policies in your job quotes, you are showing your prospective clients you intend to practice safety as you carry out the contracted work.

4. Learn Something New

Some clients will surprise you with their knowledge of insurance. If a prospect wants to review the coverage and terms of the policy you mention, it is usually for mutual benefit. For instance, if you are covered in terms of property damage and injury, but the policy does not mention anything about defects in the work you perform, you may want to upgrade your coverage before starting the job.

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