5 Reasons All Drivers Need a Roadside Assistance Plan

Why Roadside Assitance is Important To Drivers in San Diego CA

Auto clubs have been in existence since the early days of automobiles. In the olden days, having guaranteed roadside assistance was essential. However, today’s cars are much more reliable, fuel efficient, and better built. Despite these facts, there are still a few reasons you should consider paying for roadside assistance in the modern world. Vista car insurance experts discuss 5 reasons you need a roadside assistance plan.

1. Gasoline Isn’t Always Readily Available

You might see gas stations at every corner in your neighborhood, but you may find it rare when you travel out of town, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere after running out of gas isn’t fun for anyone.

2. Batteries Only Last So Long

Today’s cars are not just transportation vehicles. They’re also mobile charging centers for the myriad of devices their passengers carry. As a result, car batteries die much more frequently than they once did.

3. Tires Can Blow without Warning

Today’s economy cars are notorious for having tiny, hard-to-use spare tires with terrible car jacks, if they even have a spare at all. You’re better off calling someone who can bring you a real tire, or at least swap it out using proper tools.

4. Lockouts Can Easily Happen

Most modern cars require some form of electronic key confirmation, meaning a dead battery is also a lockout in many instances. Additionally, it’s easy to forget your key in the ignition, especially when using your car to charge devices while you’re waiting to drive to your next destination.

5. Towing Is Almost Inevitable at Some Point

One day something horrible might happen to your car. Whether it’s a mechanical failure or an accident, you’re going to need to get the car off the road. Because many roadside assistance programs cost less than a single tow, you can save a few bucks and be assured help is on the way.

Even more important than a roadside assistance plan is reliable auto insurance. American Tri-Star is a trusted provider of Vista cheap auto insurance. Give us a call today at 760-758-1600 and one of our knowledgeable agents can help you decide on a policy that best suits your needs.