Why You Should Consider a Rearview Backup Camera for Your Car

Rearview Cameras in San Diego, CA

A rearview backup camera is designed to help you see what is directly behind your vehicle, especially when your view is otherwise obstructed. This function can be quite beneficial, providing an increased level of safety for both you and those around you. The Chula Vista cheap auto insurance experts at American Tri-Star discuss a few reasons why you may want to install one of these cameras in your car.

One of the main benefits of possessing a rearview backup camera is that it can greatly reduce the risk of getting into accidents. In 2014, a research report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stated 75 percent of drivers with both rearview cameras and audible sensors avoided backover accidents. The camera provides a rear side view of other cars in the vicinity, which allows you to see another car before it has a chance to bump into you and gives you the opportunity to prevent an accident altogether. Over 200 people every year are either injured or killed from a car backing into them. The majority of these individuals are children. Merely by using a rearview camera, you can spot someone behind your car before you accidentally run over him or her, potentially preventing serious injury or death.

Having a rearview backup camera is also beneficial to have when parking. With a view of everything behind your vehicle, you can ease into a parking space without having to worry about your car sticking out. You also do not have to worry about scratching a paint job, either your own or someone else’s.

Because this technology is still so new, it is difficult to determine how having one of these cameras might affect insurance rates. With the help of a rearview backup camera, you have a much smaller risk of having an accident or causing any sort of damage. With that in mind, you may eventually be able to reduce the overall price of your car insurance in Chula Vista.

To learn more about rearview cameras and other safety additions that may save you money or your insurance, get in touch with Tri-Star Insurance. We can help you select a policy that meets both your budget and your driving needs. For affordable Chula Vista car insurance quotes, give us a call today at 619-827-0522.