4 Reasons a Business Might Need Insurance for Blogging or Social Media

Find Out if Insurance is Necessary for Business Blogs in San Diego, CA

Blogging on social media can be beneficial to modern businesses, but there are numerous risks that come along with this trend. To be on the safe side, you should acquire social networking insurance to cover you in case your business unintentionally post any wrong, incorrect, or offensive content. This type of business insurance in San Diego can also save you if a hacker uses your agency’s social media account for criminal activities.

1. Coverage Against Critical Typos or Misspellings

Most social media users post while in the middle of other activities and many are careless about proofreading their contents before posting. Your business can also make a Facebook advertisement and make a serious mistake in the spelling or wording. Someone can go on to purchase something from you and later finds out the offers were not as stated. Your business could end up being sued for false advertising for a crime you committed unknowingly.

2. Coverage Against Threats and Insults

One problem with having a social media account is anyone with the login details could misuse it, and your business ends up carrying their crosses. For instance, while logged in as your agency on social media, a staff member posts an inappropriate comment to another user. Your agency may be sued for sexual harassment or other forms of insults. A blogging insurance policy can save you from this.

3. Coverage Against Violation of Privacy

There are many laws and regulations related to online operations, some of which you may not know and end up violating them unconsciously. For example, a customer can request assistance online and you name his or her account during the public conversation. You may be found guilty of violating privacy regulations like HIPAA by publicizing the customer’s information.

4. Coverage Against Erroneous Advice

No one is perfect, and hence you can mislead a client unintentionally. If a doctor advises a patient in an online forum and the erroneous advice brings damages, the patient can sue the doctor. This is also applicable to other professionals such as accountants, financial advisers, fitness professionals, insurance agents, or anyone else giving advice.