5 Reasons to Purchase Liability Insurance for Your Restaurant

Commercial Insurance for Restaurants in San Diego, CA

When running a restaurant, it’s vital to have adequate commercial insurance coverage. This ensures your business stays financially secure in the event of a lawsuit. One of the first types of insurance any restaurant owner needs to purchase is a liability policy, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Customers Who Have Allergic Reactions or Food Poisoning Can Sue

No matter how clean you keep your restaurant, it’s still possible a customer could experience an allergic reaction or get food poisoning. You also can’t monitor your employees 24/7 to ensure they always wash their hands and use proper food handling techniques. Aside from instances such as these, accidents can still happen. Food that was thought to be safe sometimes gets recalled.

2. You May Be Held Responsible for Customers Who Drive Drunk

If a customer drinks at your establishment and gets hurt or harms someone else, you could be legally responsible. Even if the customer has left the restaurant, you could take the blame if he or she gets into a car accident. However, liquor liability insurance can protect you from such claims.

3. Former Employees May Sue for Discrimination

Some business owners have been sued by former employees for a variety of reasons. You might think it can’t happen to you, but there’s no way to be 100% sure your judgment of an employee’s character is accurate. Instead of trusting an employee will never accuse you of discrimination or something else that leads to a lawsuit, you should have liability insurance.

4. Employees You Are Considering Hiring Can Sue You

In addition to former employees, prospective employees can also raise a lawsuit against you. Perhaps the person thinks he or she didn’t get the position because of race or some other form of discrimination. National City employment practices liability insurance can protect you from these types of lawsuits.

5. To Cover Factors That Are Out of Your Control

The common factor among all of these reasons your restaurant needs National City liability and business property insurance is the fact some things are out of your control. A customer can fall and become injured on your property. Someone may break a tooth when biting into his or her food. Because of unexpected moments such as these, you need liability insurance to protect your restaurant from lawsuits.

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