Why Car Insurance Costs More for Men Than Women

Reasons Car Insurance Costs More for Men Than Women in San Diego, CA

It’s a known fact that men typically pay more for auto insurance than women. Though you might think this concept is unfair, it isn’t made up by insurance companies to punish male drivers. The reasons lie in statistics, and a few of them inform this course. Here are a few of the reasons men typically pay more for auto insurance in National City.


These statistics don’t refer to all male drivers. They usually refer to men aged 25 and under. Insurance is more expensive for them because young people are generally higher-risk drivers than older people. Some simply believe the fact that there are more male drivers on the road leads to men’s premiums having the higher number, but the important differences don’t lie in how many drivers there are on the road.


Some believe men have higher insurance rates due to statistics claiming they are at fault for accidents more frequently than women. The CDC noted in 2015 that young men are the number one cause of car accidents, partly because of their lack of experience. Less mature drivers are also more likely to get distracted on the road, whether by cell phones, disruptive passengers, listening to loud music, or other factors. These concerns, alongside insurance policy rates, gradually go down as the driver ages.


Young male drivers also have a statistical penchant to engage in other unsafe behaviors behind the wheel. Driving too fast, not wearing a seatbelt, and boarding too many passengers are more likely done by men than women. Men drink and drive more often than women and are involved in more fatal crashes as a result. Women tend to be more attentive on the road, drive more carefully, and drive less in general. Consequently, women have reportedly fewer infractions and accidents, making them less of a risk for insurance companies. Even if drivers don’t reflect their sex’s statistics, it’s easier for companies to base rates on the information at hand.

How to Avoid Higher Rates

Male drivers don’t have to wait until they’re 26 to have lower rates on National City car insurance. Quotes for affordable insurance are important to obtain, but the first wise choice for saving money is to pick a good vehicle. Red cars, sporty cars, and specialty cars all have higher insurance costs no matter the driver’s age. Taking a driver’s education course is another good step for younger male drivers, as is doing well in school, since both can lead to reduced rates. Some insurance companies offer bundles for other policies, which is another savings route. The best advice is to simply be a good driver. Refrain from accidents and violations and remember to take good driving safety measures.

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