How Does Your Garaging Address Affect Insurance?

Garaging Affects Insurance in San Diego, CA

Anyone who has purchased auto insurance in San Diego or any other city has likely come across something in the insurance agreement called a garaging address. However, many vehicle owners may not have a clear idea of what this term truly means. The staff at American Tri-Star discusses a few reasons why insurance agencies consider garaging addresses so important.

Potential for Theft, Vandalism, and Other Claims

Large cities are likely to have higher vehicle repair costs and are more prone to vandalism, theft, and a host of other perils. These factors increase the risk of the insurer having to pay out a claim and are reflected in your rates. Your rates may be lower if you house your vehicle in a garage because it reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. An attached garage may give you the steepest discount, but even a detached garage near the home can offer you some savings. Insurers vary in their definitions of what it means for a car to be garaged. Some require the vehicle be stored in a garage on your property each night. Others consider a car garaged if it is stored in any garage, anywhere, for any length of time.

Multiple Locations Matter

Many people keep one vehicle at their primary residence and another at a vacation home. However, having vehicles garaged at multiple locations can be somewhat problematic. Some insurers will not cover multiple garaging addresses, while others allow them as long as both addresses are in the same state. Your official garaging address is where your vehicle is stored the majority of the time. Most insurers will ask for proof to ensure you actually live at the residence you claim your vehicle is stored at. Trying to use the address of a friend or relative to get a lower rate on the cheap car insurance San Diego residents prefer may result in your claim being denied.

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