Why Choose American Tri Star as Your San Diego Auto Insurance Provider?

Benefits of American Tri Star as Your San Diego Auto Insurance Provider in San Diego, CA

Are you in search of affordable insurance coverage? Do you currently have high premiums and deductibles for your auto insurance? Are you looking to switch providers?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  American Tri-Star, a trusted San Diego auto insurance agency, is committed to helping drivers save on their auto insurance.  Our friendly and professional customer care agents will take your personal driving factors into consideration and help get you started with the most comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage possible.

With American Tri Star, drivers are provided with a variety of programs designed to help them save money.  Drivers can receive discounts on car insurance in San Diego, as well as reduced premiums if they are active in the military, a student or a safe driver.  Lower rates are also available if you drive a new vehicle, your vehicle has motorized seatbelts and is equipped with factory airbags, your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, or your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device.

We also understand that not all drivers are perfect and may have a prior driving record.  We work diligently to find low rates packages for drivers, even if you have been in an accident, have a DUI, tickets, a foreign driver’s license or no license at all.  We also offer instant and free SR22.  In the state of California, the SR22 form is required for high-risk drivers who have gotten their license revoked as a result of DUI or for severe accidents
and felonies while driving.

Finally, as a full service insurance agency, drivers can also save when bundling their car insurance with any of the other insurance policies we offer.  Our other insurance policies include motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, health insurance and bond insurance in San Diego.

At American Tri-Star Insurance, we offer easy monthly payment plans and low monthly payments to ensure our customers obtain the lowest rates with the best coverage possible.  Call us today at 619-272-2100 and speak with one of our customer care experts and see how much money you can save today!