6 Reasons to Consider Buying a Smart Car

6 Reasons to Buy a Smart Car in San Diego, CA

Technological advancements are continually being introduced that offer many benefits. Some of the latest technology is now available in the auto industry. Cars and trucks are being manufactured to provide increased fuel efficiency, greater comfort, better handling, and enhanced safety. When in the market for a new vehicle, check out the possibilities smart cars offer.

1. Reduced Insurance Costs 

The many vehicle safety features offered today enable owners to benefit from possible reduced auto insurance in National City. As smart car technology enhances car and driver safety, the likelihood of having a collision also decreases, and thus rates become lower.

2. Enhanced Safety

Smart cars and SUVs traditionally have many types of technological safety advantages above and beyond seat belts and airbags. Onboard cameras enable occupants to view possible obstacles to the rear, which can prevent accidental collisions. Sensors monitor the front and sides of vehicles to keep the vehicle in the appropriate lane and warn drivers in the event a pedestrian, cyclist, or another vehicle should enter the path unexpectedly. Brake assist mechanisms provide a faster response when the need to slow or stop suddenly arises.

3. Better Night Vision

Bright headlights and fog lights have long been the technology drivers rely on to see the road at night. However, some newer vehicles are equipped with infrared cameras, sensors, and screens that detect and display objects on the road or the side of the road that traditional headlights may not illuminate. This way, the driver has more time to react appropriately and avoid an accident.

4. Tech for Teen Drivers

The technology available on the latest vehicle models provides parents with more relief when their teens begin driving. Some of the advancements include alerting parents when a teen exceeds the speed limit and not allowing the entertainment system to function unless the seat belts are being used. Other features include limiting the volume on the stereo and providing parents with a teen driver report card.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

This new cruise feature reduces some of the stress for drivers who commute daily or do a lot of inner city travel. The system functions thanks to a series of sensors that automatically monitor the speed of traffic and make the necessary speed adjustments without having to repeatedly apply the brakes and accelerate. Adaptive cruise slows or stops the vehicle and then resumes speed when appropriate.

6. Entertainment System Advancements

The popularity of using mobile devices influenced automotive manufacturers to incorporate the technology into a vehicle’s function. Drivers and passengers alike may control their entertainment system using a mobile device linked to the system. Some vehicles feature Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities, which turn vehicles into hotspots for using mobile devices or laptops. Devices can also be used for navigation purposes or to monitor weather conditions.

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