Be Safe, Not Sorry. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone Behind the Wheel!

Don't Text and Drive

To drive safely, you need all of your attention to be focused on what’s happening around you. Sometimes, with a little distraction, accidents happen and lives are changed permanently. If you want to avoid collisions and higher car insurance premiums, take the advice of American Tri-Star Insurance Services agents and don’t use your cellphone while driving.

Conversation Limits Your Ability to Concentrate

Research has shown that talking while driving hinders the senses. Although a driver may not be aware of it, tests have revealed that conversations restrict peripheral vision, which means that the driver may not see a person crossing the street or a car at his or her side.

Driving Quality Is Similar to a Drunk Driver

When a driver’s attention is divided between the road and his or her cellphone, research has shown that driving quality is comparable to that of a drunk driver. Unfortunately, this makes the likelihood of an accident about four times greater than other drivers.

Even Hands-Free Devices Are Not Safe

Even when using a hand’s-free device, talking on a cellphone while driving is distracting. Trying to understand what the other person is saying requires a degree of concentration, and your divided attention may result in any number of accidents, including a collision with another car, running into a median, or even hitting a pedestrian or cyclist.

Using Cell Phones While Driving Causes Accidents

The National Safety Council reports that several studies prove cellphone use while driving is dangerous. Drivers were found to be using them in as many as 1.3 million accidents, whichresulted in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries. It’s important that drivers stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings, or they risk not only their safety, but also the wellbeing of others on the road.

Cellphones aren’t the only distractions that pose a threat to drivers. For more information about safe driving habits, or to inquire about cheap car insurance in San Diego, call American Tri-Star Insurance Services at 619-272-2100. Our friendly agents can provide the best coverage at the lowest rate possible. Help us help you stay safe behind the wheel!