4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Brake Pads

When to Replace Braking Pads in Your Car in San Diego, CA

Brake maintenance isn’t always a driver’s main concern, but brakes are a vehicle’s most important safety system. To ensure your brake system is functioning properly, pay close attention to the condition of your brake pads. Chula Vista cheap car insurance experts list 4 signs it’s time to get your brake pads replaced.

1. You Hear a Clicking Sound

One sign you need new brake pads is if you hear a clicking noise when you apply the brakes. Auto manufacturers equip vehicles with a device that prevents clicking and rattling, so a clicking noise is an indication the brake pads are old and worn out.

2. You Hear a Screeching Sound

Another indication you may need new brakes is if they make a screeching noise when they are fully depressed. This noise, which is caused by worn down shims, is typically loud enough to hear with the windows closed.

3. The Pads Look Too Thin

Aside from noises, you can visually examine the vehicle to determine if new brake pads are necessary. You can check the brake pads, which is the material pressed against the metal rotor, by looking through the spokes of the car wheel. If you determine the depth of the pad is less than a quarter inch, you need to replace it.

4. The Brake Pedal Pulsates

Damaged brake pads may also cause your brake pedal to pulsate when you press on it. Pulsating brakes are usually the result of worn down or warped brake pads. In some cases, the warped brake pads can be re-machined, but if they are too damaged they will need to be replaced with brand new pads.

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