Most Important Things to Keep in Your Home Safe

Important Items to Keep Safe in Your Home Safe in San Diego, CA

A fireproof home safe can protect valuable items in the event of theft or a disaster. Home safes have a few advantages over bank safe deposit boxes because the items you store at home are likely covered under your homeowners insurance. The staff at American Tri-Star Vista has put together a list of valuables you might want to keep in your home safe.

Insurance Policy Documents

For any insurance policy to go into effect, you have to file a claim as soon as possible after the incident. If you experience damages during a holiday weekend, it might be a few days before you can access your documents at a safe deposit box at the bank.

Personal Documents

The most crucial personal documents to keep in a home safe include birth certificates, wills, passports, and Social Security cards. Many people choose to keep these types of documents in an envelope or file cabinet, which leaves them vulnerable to damage or theft. If you need to retrieve them during an emergency, a home safe can keep these documents protected and easily accessible.

Family Photos

Whether you have physical albums of family photos or digital copies, keeping them in your home safe can protect them in case of a disaster or theft should you leave them on a laptop or flash drive. Also, they’ll always be close in case you want to see them.

Spare Keys

Keys can easily be misplaced if they are left out around the house. If you have spare car or house keys or keys to a neighbor’s or family member’s home, keep them in your safe so you know exactly where they are at all times.


A safe at home is ideal for protecting expensive jewelry that has been in your family for generations or items you only wear for special occasions. You might not be able to access these when you need them if you use a safe deposit box, and you might even be able to get a discount on your Vista home insurance by keeping expensive items such as these in a secure location.

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