4 Things Homeowners Should Look for on Their Roofs

Tips for Roof Inspection in San Diego, CA

Your roof provides you and your family constant protection from the elements, which is why it is crucial to protect its structural integrity. National City homeowners insurance experts discuss the 4 most important things every homeowner should inspect on his or her roof.

1. Signs of Moss

Although the lively shade of green might look pretty atop your home, moss eventually leads to serious roof damage. Moss that is left unchecked lifts shingles up, allowing more moisture and bacteria to seep in. You can easily prevent moss growth by trimming tree branches regularly, making sure the roof is clear of sticks and other debris, and installing zinc strips.

2. Severely Damaged or Missing Shingles

If a harsh storm has resulted in your roof missing a shingle or two, it’s likely you will experience some dripping in your home. The same goes for shingles with severe damage. Luckily, this issue can easily be fixed by prying up the damaged shingle and nailing in a new one. Afterward, carefully apply roof cement underneath the tab to seal it. If you notice a few minor cracks in your shingles, don’t fret. These shingles don’t need to be replaced, only repaired. Apply roofing sealant along the crack and spread it evenly with a putty knife.

3. Curling Edges of Shingles

If you notice your shingles curling up along the edges, this is a sign your roof is getting older. You may want to replace the roof to prevent further damage. If you want to delay replacing your roof, try gluing down the edges with roof sealant.

4. Missing Granules

Granule loss is a part of the natural aging process of a roof. After a heavy storm, you may notice some of the texture is worn off your shingles. Loss of texture on shingles is only detrimental to the life of your roof when all or most tabs begin to bald. Without any granules, your home is left unprotected from the elements.

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