Home Inventory Checklist: 8 Things You Need to Include

8 Things You Need on Your Home Inventory List in San Diego, CA

Don’t assume you will be able to remember everything in your home in the event of a disaster. A home inventory list will be helpful if you need to make an insurance claim by speeding up the claims process, proving your losses, and helping you purchase the right amount of property insurance in San Diego. Making an inventory list may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Start slowly and make sure to include the most important items, starting with the 8 things listed below.

1. Electronics

Electronics may seem like an obvious inclusion for your home inventory, but they are commonly excluded when they get upgraded. When you upgrade your electronics, take the time to update your inventory with the new model numbers as well as the receipt or proof of purchase.

2. Jewelry

Always include high-value items on your home inventory along with proof of purchase, photos, appraisals, and other forms of evidence that can be used to validate a claim. Most policies only provide limited coverage for jewelry, so you should schedule jewelry and other high-value items.

3. Furniture

Take stock of the furniture in your home to prepare your inventory. While this may seem tedious, your inventory should be accurate to reflect the furniture in every room of your home and your patio. Make note of any antique or vintage furniture and provide receipts or an approximate age of furniture or built-ins.

4. Clothing

You don’t need to be specific, but you should include clothing on your home inventory, which may include notes such as “5 jeans, 15 shirts, etc.” Make note of any high-value items such as a wedding dress or suit.

5. Appliances

As with electronics, you should note the model number of your appliances along with receipts or dates of purchase to value your appliances and validate your claims.

6. Hobby Items or Collectibles

If you have any hobby items such as crafts, auto equipment, or collectibles, list them with as much detail as possible on your home inventory. Be specific and give an estimated value. If available, provide receipts.

7. Power Tools and Lawn Tools

Don’t forget to include the contents of your garage. Your hand tools, power tools, and lawn tools likely amount to thousands of dollars, but you might be hard-pressed to remember exactly what’s stored in your tool boxes and shed. Be specific when listing tools. When it comes to power tools, list the brand and model number. Don’t overlook drill bit and screwdriver sets.

8. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is one of the most commonly overlooked items on home inventory lists, but it’s important to include helmets, skis, kayaks, golf clubs, wetsuits, snorkeling equipment, and other types of sporting equipment.

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