5 Things to Remember When You’re the Designated Driver

Designated Driver in San Diego,CA

Being a designated driver is an important job that should be applauded. You not only keep yourself and your friends safe from a potential drunk driving accident, but you also do the same for other people on the road. However, there is more to being a designated driver than the simple act of being sober behind the wheel. Vista car insurance experts have 5 tips you need to remember when taking on this duty.

1. Have Insurance Information Ready

It goes without saying you should have your own insurance information on you at all times. However, if you are driving someone else’s vehicle, be sure to get the insurance information from the car’s owner. Should you get pulled over, it is vital to have all of this available. If possible, do this before you go out to the party or bar because trying to obtain the information from someone who has been drinking may be difficult.

2. Get Everyone’s Contact Information

Get emergency contact information from all of your passengers. It’s advisable to have this in case of any emergency, whether in the vehicle or on the dance floor. People under the influence can make poor decisions due to their impaired judgment. If a friend refuses to leave with you or hand over his or her keys, it may be necessary to call someone for backup.

3. Trust Your Judgment

As the designated driver, you are sober and have the use of all your mental faculties. Do not allow a passenger’s impaired judgment to affect yours. Intoxicated people have a tendency to argue, but designated drivers must make sound decisions and stick to them. This may mean taking away keys or not allowing a passenger to drink anymore for the night.

4. Avoid Distractions

Stay focused on the ride home. While you should never use your phone while driving, this is even more important when you have drunk passengers to manage. It’s also a good idea to avoid changing the radio or AC settings. Intoxicated people sometimes need to vomit, so it is wise to bring a bag or something similar, or be prepared to pull over if need be.

5. Don’t Have Open Containers in the Car

Even though you won’t be drinking, you need to avoid having open containers in the car. Police officers can arrest you and you can be charged with a misdemeanor offense if one of these is present.

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