What to Do If Your Vehicle Is Recalled for Safety Reasons

Car Recall in San Diego, CA

Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues hundreds of safety recalls for both newer and older vehicles because defects in craftsmanship pop up that could have a serious impact on road safety. Here are some simple steps to take in case any safety recalls for your vehicle arise, brought to you by the insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance San Diego.

Determine If Your Exact Vehicle Is Covered by the Recall

There are a few ways you can check for recalls that may have been issued for your vehicle. The NHTSA website, SaferCar.gov, has a portal for consumers to look up recalls by vehicle identification number or by year, make, and model. You can also try searching your car manufacturer’s own website, as most have tools of their own that may go into more detail about a current recall in the form of a press release or advisory.

Prepare Your Documents for a Visit to the Dealer

All car manufacturers are required by federal law to perform all NHTSA-issued safety recall work free of charge at their network of dealership service departments. To make it easier on both yourself and dealership staff, prepare your documents that prove vehicle ownership and registration before you take the car in for service. You will need to be able to prove you are either the legal owner of the currently registered vehicle or can act as an agent for the owner.

Don’t Pay Out of Pocket for Recall Work

If a dealership service department tries to charge you anything at all for recall work, they are breaking the law. Be wary of service technicians who attempt to sell you maintenance or repairs that seem related to the recall but are not actually covered by the NHTSA recall order. If your car is running fine, stick to the repairs that are necessary under the recall and beat these unscrupulous techs at their own game.

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