What Should You Do If a Power Outage Occurs at Your House?

Steps to Take WHen a Power Outage Occurs at Your House in San Diego, CA

Power outages can be frustrating, even if they only last a few minutes. However, a lot of things can go wrong when the power goes out, and it’s important to make sure everything is safe and sound at home. The staff at American Tri-Star National City suggests a few steps you might want to take if you experience a power outage at your house.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

Take a look at your breaker panel before checking with your neighbors. If the issue is confined to your home, call the public utility office, then check around the property for damage or hazards. There may be downed power lines during a storm. Be sure to stay far away from them and describe the situation in detail before emergency crews arrive.

Keep the Refrigerator Door Closed and Turn Off Electronics

If the outage is expected to last more than 24 hours, transfer the most perishable items from the refrigerator to the freezer and get a bag of ice from the store if needed. Turn off all light switches as well as your thermostat. You may also want to unplug your electronics in case a surge occurs when the power returns.

Make Sure the House Stays Warm (or Cool)

If you’re in the middle of a hot San Diego summer, open all doors and windows, or keep them closed if the temperatures are cold. If for any reason your heating unit stops working during the winter, make arrangements to temporarily stay with relatives or friends.

Be Careful When Using Flames for Light

Remember to take precautions when lighting up candles, using portable generators, or cooking with charcoal or firewood. The latter two should never be used indoors and the former should be extinguished before going to bed.

Use Your Cellphone as Little as Possible

If you are not able to recharge your phone in a car, try to conserve its battery life by activating airplane mode, using text messages instead of voice calls, and getting your news from the FM radio signal instead of using internet-connected apps.

A power outage might also be a good time to review your National City homeowners insurance policy and learn whether or not losses caused by power outages are covered. If you only have your insurance card but not a copy of the policy, call your agent or the insurance agency and explain your situation.

If you have questions about your individual needs for homeowners insurance, get in touch with American Tri-Star and we’ll help you get squared away. In addition to home insurance, we also offer the affordable auto, motorcycle, and RV insurance National City residents prefer. Give us a call today at 619-474-3900 and one of our friendly agents would be happy to assist you.