Steps to Take After Your Home Has Been Burglarized

After Home Invasion in San Diego, CA

Coming home and discovering your house has been burglarized can be stressful and unsettling. After an incident like this has occurred, there are a few measures you’ll need to take to stay safe, determine your losses, and prevent it from happening again. The staff at American Tri-Star National City is here to walk you through some of the most important steps.

Play It Safe

If you’re not sure if the perpetrator of the break-in is still inside, keeping yourself and your family safe should be your number one priority. Contact a trusted neighbor or close family friend and make arrangements to remain with them until the police have checked your home. By removing yourself from the crime scene, you also eliminate the chance of contaminating any potentially useful evidence.

Contact Your Insurance

You can wait until the police have secured the home and you have a better idea of the extent of the damages, but contacting your National City home insurance carrier early puts the situation on their radar. Your insurance carrier should provide you a list of the next steps to take, which you can work with the authorities to complete. Additionally, some insurance policies may provide assistance when a home is uninhabitable as a result of a break-in.

Document Losses and Damages

Working with the authorities, put together a list of the damages to your home, your missing property, and anything else that might be relevant for insurance purposes. To move forward with a claim, your insurance carrier will probably require a complete list of the damages and losses and a completed police report. Losses are sometimes intangible as well. If necessary, assess your family’s emotional state and work with local mental health professionals to help your family move past the incident.

Assess Your Security

If you had a home security system in place prior to the break-in, take some time to determine what worked and what didn’t. There are several home security providers that can discuss different options with you. In addition, local law enforcement may be able to provide recommendations based on their experience.

Many of these steps can also be followed if you run a business that has been burglarized. If you’re concerned about your home or business space being broken into, make sure you have reliable homeowners or commercial insurance in National City to keep yourself covered. Contact Tri-Star Insurance at 619-474-3900 today to speak with a friendly representative and receive a free quote.