10 Things to Think About Before Leasing a New Office Space

10 Things to Consider Before Leasing a New Office Space

As a business owner in San Diego, signing your first lease contract for office space is a sign things are moving forward for your company, particularly if you are upgrading from working out of your home. As with all other aspects of running a business, you’ll want to think this one through. Here are 10 things for you to consider before leasing a new office space.

1. Location

Depending on the type of business you run, the location of your office could make or break your company. For example, a boutique law firm might do well near the UC campus or in the downtown district, but not so much near the beach.

2. Business Image

If your business plan has already defined a branding strategy, try to maintain it as you sign your office lease contract. A software development firm should look for office space within a technology park.

3. Lease Restrictions

Take a good look at the terms and conditions of your lease agreements. Some landlords and property managers can be very restrictive in terms of signage and business hours.

4. Parking

This is a major consideration for any Southern California business. Even if you find a great deal on an office located in the heart of downtown San Diego, you still need to think about parking conditions for your employees and clients.

5. Décor Potential

Some landlords will not allow you to do anything to their offices, not even installing hooks to hang paintings. Be sure to inquire about decoration options.

6. Amenities

This factor is seldom considered by small business owners. Amenities do not have to be located exactly within the office building. A nearby gym or video arcade that specializes in vintage cabinet games could be morale boosters for your staff.

7. Insurance Requirements

When it comes to renting commercial space, insurance coverage requirements are often mentioned in lease agreements. It would be a good idea for you to consult with a San Diego commercial insurance agent prior to searching for office rentals, and you may also want to show your agent a copy of the lease contract before you sign it. While it is fine to include your landlord as the insured in certain situations, you do not want to end up paying for policies he or she should already have in place.

8. Professional Assistance

Retaining a commercial real estate agent to find the perfect office for you is highly recommended, and you might be surprised at how affordable this can be.

9. Security Concerns

If you are not too familiar with how safe or risky certain parts of San Diego are, ask your insurance agent. The building and surrounding area may look safe to you, but if it has a history of car theft, robbery, and break-ins you may end up paying high insurance premiums.

10. The Future

When you are not certain about expansion plans, sign a short lease agreement. If you have big plans, make sure the office is large enough to accommodate more staff members.

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