5 Things to Ask the Mechanic When Getting Your Car Serviced

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Learning how to communicate with an auto maintenance and repair team is essential for saving money and getting excellent value. Moreover, conversations with these professionals can help you learn more about the different forms of maintenance you should be performing on your own. National City auto insurance experts believe you should ask these 5 important things when taking your vehicle in for service.

1. Do You Use New or Factory-Reconditioned Parts?

Though servicing your vehicle is not the same as having it repaired, there are certain measures that could call for replacement parts. Make sure your mechanic is always buying parts brand new rather than installing components that have been factory-reconditioned. Reconditioned parts can have a significant impact on the resale value of your auto, and they may not come with the same guarantees as parts that are purchased brand new.

2. Do You Give Written Estimates in Advance?

Never work with mechanics who insist on performing work before tallying up their prices. Reputable, ethical professionals are always transparent concerning their fees and willing to issue written estimates ahead of performing any labor. Unless additional work is approved and included in a supplementary estimate, the charges on your final bill should be identical to the charges recorded on your initial estimate.

3. What Types of Special Care Does My Car Need?

The best mechanics will always take the time to offer individual advice on ongoing vehicle maintenance. For instance, if your car is an older model, the mechanic may recommend warming it up in the morning for smoother and more reliable overall performance. Certain automobiles will only function their best when fueled up with premium gasoline. Knowing details like these can help you limit wear and tear and get more value from your vehicle.

4. Does My Car Sound Right?

It’s not uncommon for cars to make new and surprising sounds after several years of use. For instance, your brakes might squeak a little bit when stopping downhill or your engine may suddenly develop a loud chugging sound as you move from gear to gear. Although some vehicles can continue functioning for quite some time after these noises develop, identifying and addressing the underlying problems is a good idea if you want to keep them from spiraling out of control. If you don’t mention these changes during a service visit, they can be easily overlooked. It’s far better to pay for brake pad replacements or a transmission flush than it is to have your rotors shaved or your transmission fail.

5. Have You Worked on My Car’s Make and Model in the Past?

Just because a mechanic is good with cars, this doesn’t mean he or she is guaranteed to be proficient in dealing with your particular car. Each make and model is certain to have its own nuances. If you happen to own a foreign or luxury automobile, you may want to work with mechanics who specialize in the maintenance and repair of these vehicles rather than dropping your auto off with a general mechanic.

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