5 Things Every New Homeowner Should Do

Tips for New Home Owners in San Diego, CA

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience. However, there are many things new homeowners should take care of to ensure the home is properly protected. Here are 5 important ones, brought to you by the insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance.

1. Secure a Good Homeowners Insurance Policy

Make sure you have the best San Diego homeowners insurance policy for your home. Policies vary in their coverage and deductibles. Selecting the right policy is crucial to protecting yourself and your assets.

2. Find Out If You Are in a Flood Zone

Flooding is not usually covered under basic homeowners insurance. If you are in a flood zone, you should make sure you also take out a flood policy. These policies are a separate insurance package and are available for an additional premium.

3. Check Your Smoke Alarms and Other Detectors

Take a few moments when you first move in and replace all the batteries in the smoke alarms and other detectors in your home. Make sure to check each alarm to ensure they are all working properly. Many people see the detectors in place, but never check to see if they are actually working and keeping them safe.

4. Replace Entranceway Locks

If you have purchased a previously owned home, take the time to replace the deadbolt and doorknobs on all entranceway doors. Even though you have been given the keys, you can never be completely sure how many keys were made and who may still be in possession of them. You may also want to reprogram or replace the remote on your garage door and any outside locks.

5. Update Security Systems

Make sure you have your security system updated, especially if this is a previously owned home. Speak with the alarm agency and ensure all previous codes are erased and inquire if any new equipment or features are necessary to update your system.

For more tips that can help your protect your new home, get in touch with American Tri-Star. We are a leading provider of homeowners insurance in the San Diego area. We also offer affordable auto, health, commercial, and motorcycle insurance in San Diego. Call 619-272-2100 today for a free quote.