What Makes a Person a High-Risk Driver?

Things That Make a Person a High-Risk Driver in San Diego, CA

In 1947, legislators in California approved the creation of a special market for automobile insurance to extend coverage to individuals whose driving records made it difficult to find coverage. The California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan is not a standard insurance market. It caters to high-risk drivers who would otherwise be considered too hazardous by insurance companies.

The market share insurers command in the Golden State dictates the percentage of high-risk drivers they should extend coverage to. These drivers are considered a higher risk not just because of major violations or because they have racked up too many tickets. Younger first-time drivers may also be placed in the state assigned risk plan.

Here are some reasons you may be considered a high-risk driver.

Being a Teenager or First-Time Driver

Some Vista auto insurance companies consider teenagers as well as first-time drivers of any age to be high-risk drivers, and this designation may apply even if they have never been in an accident or received any tickets for moving violations. Depending on the insurer, this designation may only last a few months or for a single policy contract. In some cases, it may be removed after successful completion of a defensive driving course.

Receiving Multiple Tickets

This is the most common situation that results in a high-risk driver designation, particularly for drivers who receive two or more speeding tickets within a twelve-month period. Some insurers will also look at the circumstances surrounding the tickets to see if they fit a certain pattern. Driving just a few miles over the highway speed limit in your commuting route will not be as severe as going 10 miles over the limit in a school zone. These infractions take three years to be removed from driving records before drivers can be once again be considered low-risk.

Violating Major Traffic Laws

When it comes to driving under the influence and reckless driving cases that require court appearances, insurance companies may issue high-risk driver designations for up to five years. In this case, drivers must not only wait the required time but also comply with court requirements such as probation, license suspension, substance abuse counseling, defensive driving courses, and SR-22 filing.

Having No Recent Record of Prior Insurance

Drivers who leave the United States to reside in a foreign country for more than five years may be surprised to learn they now fall under the high-risk driver designation. In some cases, underwriters may accept insurance records from other countries with their respective translations. This designation can be cleared in as little as six months as long as drivers do not switch policies around. Making good on the arrangement to secure the policy with four monthly installment payments may clear the way for automatic renewal and preferred designation by the insurer. If you haven’t had auto insurance in the U.S. for over five years, it’s best to start looking now for online auto insurance quotes. Vista residents can contact American Tri-Star for reliable coverage.

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