What Determines If a Car Is Totaled?

Totaled Care in San Diego, CA

Many factors can help an insurance agency decide whether or not a car is considered totaled after an accident. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Cost of Repairs

If your vehicle is damaged to the point the insurance agency feels it can’t be repaired, it is declared a total loss. Most agencies claim the car has to be damaged to a point of about 75 percent for it to be beyond repair. The agency may have an appraiser look at the vehicle to determine how much it’s worth, and the value of the car will be given as scrap metal. In this situation, the agency offers a check to the driver for the determined amount.

Vehicle Type

If a car is a high-end make like Mercedes or BMW, the value will be treated in a different manner than a Honda or a Toyota would. Cars with a higher value are not totaled as often as those that aren’t worth as much because it may cost more to fix the inexpensive vehicles than they are worth.

Age and Overall Condition

Some might think a car that isn’t in the best condition might not be worth fixing after an accident. Your cheap Vista auto insurance agency looks at the age of the car and if it has been maintained before making a decision as to whether it should be totaled or not. Older cars and those that rank lower on overall condition are given a lower value.


If the accident is declared to be your fault or if you had some hand in the cause of it, the value of the car could be depreciated. This can affect the amount offered by your Vista auto insurance agency for the totaled vehicle after the value has been assessed.

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