Will the Textalyzer Put a Stop to Distracted Driving?

New Device that Will Prevent Drivers from Texting in San Diego, CA

Distracted driving is a major problem, with resulting traffic fatalities up almost 8 percent in 2015. One possible solution for putting an end to distracted driving is to use Textalyzer software. San Diego auto insurance experts discuss this new development and the impact it could have on driving safety.

Why Is Distracted Driving a Problem?

Studies have shown distracted driving is as much of a traffic hazard as drunk driving. Though traffic fatalities have long trended downward, they have begun to increase with the rise of smartphone use, which is in violation of hands-free driving laws.

What Is the Textalyzer?

In a proposed New York law, police officers responding to accidents will be empowered to examine mobile devices of drivers involved in accidents. The mobile devices will be plugged into a Textalyzer unit that examines the mobile device for recent activity. It does not read the actual text messages or other private data, but instead searches for activity in violation of the law, such as texting while driving.

An Israeli agency called Cellebrite will be providing the software for the Textalyzer. Cellebrite is a leading provider of mobile device forensic technology products, and they are most well known for providing the FBI with technology to crack the iPhone of one of the shooters in the 2015 San Bernardino attack. They are using a similar type of technology to help make roads safer across the United States.

Can It Put an End to Texting While Driving?

The Textalyzer software will be a tool for police officers to properly fine and place at fault people who text while driving in much the same way the Breathalyzer has been used to convict people of drunk driving. Without Textalyzer software, it’s difficult for police officers to accurately know whether or not a driver is illegally using their mobile device immediately before an accident. It’s believed distracted driving will be reduced if drivers know they will be caught using their devices illegally.

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