Practicing Proper Motorcycle Etiquette

Be Sure to Follow Motorcycle Rules When Riding in San Diego, CA

Those who have been riding motorcycles for a while know their rules of the road are a little different than those for automobile drivers. Some practices are for safety, while others are implemented in the interest of being considerate. The motorcycle insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance San Diego have a few tips to help newer riders practice proper motorcycle etiquette.

Avoid Sudden Honking or Overtaking

Many motorcycle riders are new to the hobby or are inexperienced weekend riders. Honking or passing these riders out of nowhere may startle them and even cause them to crash. Even if the other rider is experienced, this sort of behavior may anger him or her.

Help Other Bikers in Need

Bikers have a reputation for sticking together for good reason. Helping out other motorcyclists is a time-honored tradition, and it makes motorcycling more fun and safe for everyone. This especially applies when a biker sees another biker who has broken down. He or she will be exposed to the elements, and many car drivers likely won’t have the knowledge to assist him or her.

Wave to Fellow Motorcyclists

Even some non-bikers are probably familiar with the wave that is standard practice when motorcyclists pass each other. Using this wave, which involves dropping the left arm to a 45-degree angle and extending 2 or 3 fingers toward the ground, reinforces the feeling of community riders have with each other. A nod is also acceptable, especially in areas with many bikers.

Follow Safety Rules When Riding with Others

There are a few general rules motorcyclists should follow when traveling in a group. Those that smoke should refrain from flicking away their cigarettes, as the riders behind them may be hit in the face with the butt. This is also illegal and should be avoided even when riding solo. It’s also very important when riding in a group to find a speed everyone is comfortable with. This allows new riders to enjoy the experience as much as faster veteran riders.

Motorcycle etiquette is about more than just being polite. It can also help keep you and other riders safe on the road. In case any accidents do occur, make sure you have the best insurance possible. For quotes on cheap motorcycle insurance in San Diego, call American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100. We hope to hear from you soon.