What is the 4 Point Inspection and Why Do I Need It?

The 4 Point Inspection and Why You Need It in San Diego, CA

The home inspection process has changed dramatically throughout the years. With more and more homes being sold on an “as is” basis with the right to inspect, it is very important for buyers to protect their interests by paying for third-party inspections. With several different types of inspections available to choose from, deciding which inspections to order and why they are important can be difficult. If you are buying an older home, and you would like to avoid having problems insuring the home, the 4 Point Inspection is a report that you should focus on.

What is the 4 Point Inspection?

The 4 Point Home Inspection is a report that is typically required by home insurers when the dwelling is more than 20 years old. As the name suggests, 4 key areas of the home are inspected and the report will list the system’s condition and whether or not it has been updated. The 4 areas that the inspection focuses on include: HVAC systems, plumbing connections, electrical wiring and the roofing system. If a system in the home is nearing the end of its service life, this will be noted on the report so that the San Diego insurance agency can assess risk and rate the policy properly.

Why Do You Need This Inspection?

Older homes can become a liability risk for home insurers, and this is why the 4 point home inspection is becoming a common requirement. Not only can a San Diego home insurer or agency decline an application for insurance if the home is older, the agency can also surcharge you. By having the home inspected, you can find out if there are potential hazards and keep your premiums lower in the process.

Where Can I Find a Reliable Insurance Agency?

Older homes are much more likely to have problems with major home systems. To ensure the property is safe, insurers will require homeowners to provide proof that the home is not in need up updates and repairs. If you have the 4 Point Inspection completed and are looking for affordable home insurance in San Diego, contact American Tri-Star Insurance at 619-272-2100. Don’t forget to ask our representative about our options for car insurance in San Diego as well – a bundling package could save you even more!