What Insurance Coverage Does Your Business Require?

Learn About Commercial Insurance for Businesses in San Diego, CA

Business owners, especially small business owners with narrow margins, need to equip themselves with the right insurance coverage for optimum protection. The experienced agents at American Tri-Star Insurance are here to explain a few of the most common commercial insurance options and help you figure out which type you need.

General Liability

General liability insurance is probably the most important type of insurance for most business owners to purchase, as it covers many issues business owners deal with on a regular basis, such as injuries, on the job accidents, and claims of negligence. This insurance also helps small and established business owners protect themselves against property damage and defend against libel or slander.

Commercial Property

A disaster can strike without warning and greatly impact your business. Commercial property insurance protects a business owners’ physical property against natural and man-made disasters. This means you would be covered with protection against fires and hail damage, for instance, as well as acts of vandalism.

Errors and Omissions

For business owners who provide a service or dispense advice, errors and omissions insurance is essential. This type of insurance protects against negligence claims and might defer the legal costs associated with a civil lawsuit settlement. If you run a service-oriented or advice-providing business, errors and omissions insurance can also protect against malpractice claims. In fact, this kind of insurance is seen as so indispensable that certain states require it for therapists and doctors to hold a license in that state.

Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicle insurance is ideal for business owners overseeing a fleet of delivery vehicles, as many of the damages covered in personal auto insurance policies are not covered for businesses. This insurance typically features collision coverage as well as bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability protection.

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