Factors That Affect Insurance for New and Used Vehicles

Factors that Affect Car Insurance in San Diego, CA

Many factors go into deciding whether or not to buy a used or new car, including insurance rates. There is a myth that used cars are universally cheaper to insure than new cars. However, many factors go into determining the cost of Vista car insurance, and new cars are often less expensive than used ones to insure. Here are a few factors to consider.

Safety Features

New vehicles tend to be equipped with more modern safety features, which can help decrease your rates. Because insurance rates are partially determined by expected damage to a vehicle in the case of a wreck, features that reduce the likelihood of a wreck may make the insurance cheaper. New vehicles with rear view cameras, blind spot alerts, and other features can help you get a discount on your auto insurance.

Vehicle Size and Class

The type of vehicle you purchase plays a bigger part than if it is new or used. Sports cars and subcompact cars are viewed as being less safe than larger vehicles such as sedans, minivans, and SUVs. Therefore, larger vehicles tend to be less expensive to insure than smaller vehicles, especially if the small vehicle is equipped with a larger engine.

Your Demographics

Though the vehicle you own affects how much you might pay for cheap Vista auto insurance, personal information plays a large role as well. Age, credit score, and profession all can affect your rates because insurance agencies have determined people within certain age ranges, with lower credit scores, and those who work in certain professions are more likely to be in accidents. Some states have made it illegal to use credit to determine the cost of insurance, but the majority have not.

Your Driving History

More than anything, your driving history sets your insurance rates. Whether you drive a new or used vehicle, if you have received traffic violations or been in accidents, you will have a higher insurance rate. Because you are more likely to make a claim, you are more expensive to insure.

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