The Aftermath of a DUI: What Comes Next

Don't Drink and Drive

People aren’t perfect. If you make the mistake of driving under the influence, Tri-Star Insurance San Diego can provide a little insight into what you can expect in the coming days.

Get a Ride

Your license will most likely be administratively suspended, judicially suspended or both. The length of the suspension varies from place to place, but a suspended license following a DUI is almost universal, so it would be wise to have a friend or family member drive you places.

Get Screened

The court will be required to obtain, and pay for, drug and alcohol screening. The court has a list of authorized screening services. If the screening indicates you need education, counseling, or treatment, you will be required to obtain whatever is indicated at your own expense.

Get an Ignition Interlock Device

Depending on your level of intoxication and history of DUI, you may be required to get a device that will shut off your car’s ignition if the breath test reveals the presence of alcohol. If you are ordered to get one of these devices, you will have to buy one for every car you drive. These devices are expensive and you will have to pay for each out of your own pocket.

Get an SR-22

Before reinstating your driving privilege, most states require you get SR-22 insurance. This insurance is expensive and your insurance agency is required to notify your state if there is any lapse or cancellation of coverage. Failure to obtain SR-22 insurance will prevent you from having your license reinstated, and failure to maintain SR-22 insurance will result in your license being suspended or revoked.

Get Your License Reinstated

Although your license will be suspended for a specific period of time, you can’t simply start driving once the suspension is over. In addition to obtaining SR-22 insurance, you will be required to submit an application to your state’s motor vehicle department and pay a fee to have your license reinstated.

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