What Is Included in a Motorhome Insurance Policy?

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Though you still need to stop for gas and follow traffic laws when driving one, a motorhome is not like a car when it comes to San Diego car insurance coverage. Because it is a cross between a home and a vehicle, motorhomes require special insurance so their owners can be fully protected.

Total Loss Replacement

Some motorhome insurance policies provide total loss replacement. With this coverage, a motorhome suffering a total loss will be replaced with a new, comparably equipped model. This type of coverage can vary from state to state and may depend on the age of the motorhome.

Storage Protection

Unlike cars, motorhomes often sit for extended periods of time. Some owners elect to store their motorhomes away from their residences. While storage insurance is available with most motorhome insurance policies, the coverage and premium usually depends on the storage location selected. Sometimes it is possible to reduce costs by eliminating certain options such as collision coverage while a motorhome is in storage.

Vacation and Travel Coverage

Motorhome owners frequently take extended trips away from home and may need vacation or travel insurance. These policies generally cover medical emergencies in addition to accidents and theft. Some policies even provide liability coverage at vacation sites.

Compensation for Personal Effects

Since a motorhome functions as a second home for many owners, most carry along a significant amount of personal property with them when they travel such as golf clubs and jewelry. With personal effects insurance, these items are covered in much the same way as the motorhome against fire, theft, and other situations leading to loss or damage.

Other types of San Diego motorhome insurance coverage are also available such as permanent attachment insurance and towing. The main point to understand is that insurance requirements for a motorhome differ from other types of vehicle coverage. Motorhome owners would be wise to examine all the options offered and select those providing the best protection.

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