4 Things Auto Insurance Agencies and Repair Shops Dispute

Repair Shop Dispute in San Diego, CA

As a leading provider of car insurance in San Diego, we at American Tri-Star understand how frustrating it can be when you have been involved in an accident and your expectations about your vehicle repairs are not being met. To give you a better understanding of what causes these roadblocks, here are 4 of the most common things insurance agencies and repair shops disagree about.

1. Parts

Using aftermarket parts may raise your concern, but they are simply generic parts manufactured in the same way as brand name OEM parts. If you refuse aftermarket parts, a field adjuster will search for used parts of the same like, kind, and quality as the original part. These parts are typically found in a database, and when it is time for the shop to order parts, the used parts are sometimes delivered damaged or are no longer available. This can lead to increased cycle time for the shop and a higher payout for the insurance agency.

2. Labor Rate

Insurers typically have an allowable labor rate based on the average in their respective locales. However, body shops set their rates according to their own business practices and expenses. If you do not agree to these discrepancies, you can choose another shop to ensure you are not left with out-of-pocket expenses.

3. Loss of Use

Insurance agencies often request their customers drop their vehicles at the shop once parts have been ordered and the shop is ready to start repairs, and usually no later than a Monday or Tuesday. This is to decrease loss of use or rental expenses that can cost the insurance agency significantly. Busy shops benefit from a more flexible process and schedule and can be inundated when the majority of their insurance customers drop their vehicles off at the start of the week.

4. Workmanship

Insurers aim to please their consumers to keep their business, and repair shops benefit from repeat customers. When a shop must answer to the insurer regarding repair standards, frustrations can mount. Customers, especially third-party claimants, have high expectations regarding the repair of their vehicles. If your standards are not met, it is typically the insurer who must contend with your dissatisfaction.

When you’ve been in an accident or have had other damage done to your vehicle, you’ll want your situation to be resolved quickly and fairly. You can count on American Tri-Star Insurance San Diego to make this happen. In addition to affordable auto insurance, we also offer motorcycle and motorhome insurance in San Diego. Call us today at 619-272-2100 for a free quote.