Most Common Causes of Injuries at Work

Cause of Injury in San Diego, CA

In most places of employment, it’s just business as usual from day to day. With a few exceptions, employees are rarely concerned about being injured while on the clock. However, employees can hurt themselves even in a seemingly safe work environment. The San Diego business insurance experts at American Tri-Star discuss some of the most common causes of workplace injuries and how to prevent them.


Certain work environments, such as restaurants and bars, are more conducive to accidents, but nearly every workplace has some potential for slip and fall hazards. People can slip in the bathroom, trip over a rug, or even trip over their own feet. Although many falls are just embarrassing, some can cause broken bones or joint dislocation. Encourage your employees to wear slip-resistant shoes and to use caution when walking on wet floors.


Overexertion can denote improper lifting techniques, lifting too much weight, pulling too hard, or doing anything too strenuous. Any of these actions can lead to sprains, muscle tears, and tissue damage if an employee is not careful. Encouraging employees to wear back braces and lift with their legs can prevent back injuries, and they should always ask for help when pulling or carrying something heavy.

Repetitive Motion

When most people think of repetitive motion injuries, they think of carpal tunnel syndrome. Although carpal tunnel is common, it’s not the only condition caused by repetitive motion. Many professionals, from cooks to musicians can develop these types of injuries from many months or years of repeating a motion over and over again. Your employees can prevent repetitive motion injuries by limiting their time on the computer or limiting any other activity that requires too much repetition, which may require taking breaks or switching tasks regularly.


Running into a door, wall, or table can be quite painful, and walking into glass doors, sharp corners, or chairs can cause injuries of the head, neck, knees, and feet. In some cases, a toe may break or a glass door will shatter and cut someone, requiring them to get stitches. Pay attention to your workplace’s surroundings, and make sure your employees are aware of any hazards you see.

Employers in California are required by law to have workers compensation insurance. Make sure your business and your employees are protected with a reliable policy. Reach out to American Tri-Star to learn about the commercial insurance we offer. In addition to business insurance, we also offer health, homeowners, bond, and auto insurance San Diego residents trust. Give us a call today at 619-272-2100 for a free quote.