What Health Concerns Affect Life Insurance Rates?

Life Insurance Rates in San Diego, CA

When shopping around for life insurance, you want to make sure you get the best price possible with the highest potential return. However, you need to consider the many ways your health can impact the cost of a life insurance policy. The insurance experts at American Tri-Star in San Diego discuss a few health concerns that may affect your ability to get the life insurance policy you’re hoping for.


Having extra weight on the body, especially a lot of it, can automatically increase your monthly premium, and it may even cause an insurance agency to reject your policy altogether. However, losing weight can potentially lower your costs and increase your chances of getting the best policy possible.

Use of Tobacco Products

Any tobacco use can be seen as a huge risk factor for insurance underwriters. To get a better price on your policy, avoid using cigarettes, cigars, chew, and even cessation products like patches or gum. Electronic cigarettes often fall into a grey area, and most agencies will want to know if you’ve used tobacco within 6 to 12 months of opening your policy.

Low Levels of Physical Activity

Some insurance providers offer lower costs to customers who wear fitness devices or take other measures to prove they are physically active. A daily step count of 10,000 steps may be your ticket to a better price on life insurance. However, avoiding physical activity isn’t going to help you get any discounts.

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Hypertension and heart disease are among the most dangerous conditions facing our population today. If you have either of these conditions, the chances are very high you might have to pay exorbitant fees, and your policy might even be rejected. Lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol are important steps you need to take before getting medically examined for insurance purposes.

Chronic (Non-Life-Threatening) Conditions

Some conditions aren’t life threatening, but still act as a red flag to insurance providers. For instance, GERD (acid reflux) can cause ulcers or possibly cancer if left untreated, and frequent infections or the development of kidney stones may cause severe damage.

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