5 Ways to Prevent Fires Around the House

Stay Safe While Cooking in San Diego, CA

Burn injuries and household fires are the third leading cause of accidental deaths in homes, but by taking certain precautions you can prevent fire-related injuries. The following safety measures suggested by American Tri-Star Insurance Services can help protect your home and family.

1. Don’t Leave Your Oven or Stove Unattended

Stove fires can quickly spiral out of control and can also be difficult to extinguish because of all the grease involved. Rather than putting food on the stove and letting it simmer while you do other things, make a habit of giving cooking projects your undivided attention. In addition to limiting the likelihood of house fires, this will teach your children important safety practices.

2. Keep Space Heaters Away from Nearby Objects

If you use a space heater, keep it away from nearby furnishings, drapes and other flammable objects. It’s also important to choose units with built-in, automatic shut-off switches to prevent operation after a heater has been tipped. Most new models have this feature, so outdated space heaters should be replaced.

3. Only Smoke Outside

Indoor smoking is the third most common cause of house fires. Accidentally drifting to sleep while smoking can level an entire house, so if you don’t plan to quit, try smoking your cigarettes outside. Dropped butts are more likely to peter out when falling on moist soil or dewy grass as opposed to landing on covers, sheets or other flammable materials in your home.

4. Let Professionals Handle Electrical Projects

Hire professionals for all major electrical projects. Check for faulty wiring, cords and outlets throughout your home and have your electrician replace them. It may cost you more money, but it pays to have a professional handle your wiring problems rather than risking an electrical fire.

5. Use Battery-Operated Candles

Candles create a warm glow many people find irresistible, but they can also cause major house fires. Though candles add ambiance to your home, it’s important to never place your burning candles near open windows, drapes or furnishings. You can also replace traditional wick candles with equally attractive, battery-operated candle designs to eliminate the possibility of a house fire altogether.

It’s important to take precautions and protect your home from threats like robbery, vandalism, flood and fire damage, and your friends at American Tri-Star Insurance can help. Our knowledgeable agents provide friendly assistance and help you find insurance for the best rate possible. Call us today at 619-272-2100 to learn about our affordable homeowners insurance in San Diego and get your free quote!