7 Unexpected Dangers You Might Encounter on the Road

Dangers You Might Encounter on the Road in San Diego, CA

For the most part, driving in San Diego is a safe experience when compared to other metropolitan areas around the country. As a fairly affluent and prosperous region, the San Diego system of roads and highways is constantly under maintenance, expansion, and improvement. Even when they have great auto insurance, San Diego drivers must keep in mind they are still in Southern California, the most car-dependent region of the United States, and thus they could run into one or more of these unexpected road dangers.

1. Drunk Drivers

All drivers know better than to get behind the wheel after having a few rounds at one of the many pubs and taverns in San Diego, but this does not mean everyone heeds this important warning. The erratic behavior of drunk drivers is easy to spot on the road, and the best course of action is to drive defensively to avoid them completely.

2. Sudden Rainstorms

Southern California is not known to be a rainy region. However, climate change is transforming local weather conditions to the point that flash rainstorms are now more frequent than ever. Most drivers in San Diego are not accustomed to driving in the rain, which is another situation that calls for defensive driving.

3. Distracted Drivers

Despite laws and penalties in place to discourage drivers from operating smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices when they are behind the wheel, we live in an era when Snapchat updates have become more important than safety to some people. Distracted drivers are easy to spot around San Diego since they tend to juggle their mobile devices with the steering wheel and even the stick shift. Once again, defensive driving is the key to safety in this case.

4. Dangerous Intersections

According to statistics compiled by the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, the 24th most dangerous intersection in the Golden State is located in North San Diego County, not far from State Route 76, precisely at Pala Temecula and Pala Mission roads. Alternate routes should be planned whenever possible.

5. Merging Freeways

The I-5 freeway is nearly impossible to avoid for drivers who live or work in San Diego. However, The Merge that links with the I-805 is infamous due to the high number of accidents that take place there on an annual basis. Naturally, a higher incidence of motor vehicle accidents take place when construction is underway. If possible, The Merge should be avoided or at least driven across on the leftmost lanes.

6. Poorly Illuminated Roads

The winding section of State Route 94 that runs alongside the new Hollywood Casino in Jamul is still one of the darkest in San Diego. Highway officials are working on installing more light poles. For the time being, it is better to bring someone along to serve as a second set of eyes.

7. Getting Lost

San Diego is a dynamic city with a road system in constant development that makes it easy to get lost from time to time. Drivers who get lost in San Diego should not drive around frustrated while looking for their destination. They should get off the road and check their smartphone or ask for directions.

Even though having good car insurance won’t keep you safe from dangers on the road, it can still offer protection after the fact if any of these dangers results in an accident. When looking for affordable car insurance quotes, San Diego drivers can rely on American Tri-Star. Request a quote online or give us a call at 619-272-2100. We hope to hear from you soon.