Understanding Ride Sharing Services Insurance

Ride Sharing Services Insurance San Diego

If you live in a city like San Diego, it’s likely that you’ve taken an Uber or Lyft at some point. If you’ve ridden in one of these ride sharing services, you may have wondered what kind of insurance coverage you would receive in the event of an accident. At American Tristar Insurance San Diego, we understand your concern, which is why our insurance experts discuss the basics of ride sharing insurance coverage below.  

Ride Sharing and Insurance

In recent years, the popularity of crowd-sourced ride sharing has steeply risen. This can be traced to the evolution of agencies like Uber and Lyft, which allow drivers to pass a background test in order to offer cab services for the service. These services are often more flexible and easy to arrange than a traditional cab, and are perfect for city commuters for whom the expense of owning a car and maintaining insurance would not be worthwhile. 

Do Uber and Lyft Offer Insurance for Passengers?

The good news for clients of Uber and Lyft is that both services offer San Diego comprehensive car insurance with high liability coverage, even in the event of a collision with an uninsured or under-insured motorist. This ensures that users of the ride sharing services can feel confident in their safety while taking an Uber or Lyft ride. Both Uber and Lyft offer liability coverage of $1 million for their drivers, a move that is balanced by careful background checks performed on potential drivers to ensure that the motorists who work for the service are drug free, do not have a criminal record, or poor driving history.

How Can Passengers Find out More?

Uber and Lyft both use apps that are connected to Android and iOS phones. These applications offer a great deal of information about the services, including the option to read their insurance policies in full. So if you’re interested in learning more, you can get the specific insurance details for these rideshare services.

If you have further insurance questions, turn to the insurance experts at American Tristar. As a leading provider of car, motorcycle, homeowners, and health insurance in San Diego, we are dedicated to helping San Diegans understand insurance policies and find the best coverage for their needs. To learn more, give one of our experts a call at (619) 272-2100 and ask for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!