What To Know When Driving In The Rain

Raining Driving Tips

As San Diego doesn’t get a lot of rain, when the city does have wet weather, many San Diegans are hesitant to drive. While driving in the rain can be challenging, there are some simple safety tips that can help ensure you can continue driving during a storm. Shared by a premier provider of affordable San Diego car insurance, here are four simple rules to stay safe while driving in the rain.

1. Brake Ahead of Time

While in general braking early gives you a greater stopping distance between your vehicle and the automobile ahead of you, this strategy is especially important when it rains. As rain releases slippery grease and oils from the pavement, when you’re driving during the first rain in awhile, your car may experience slipping and require more time to come to a stop. Braking early also helps prevent other drivers from rear-ending your car. Because other drivers will need extra time to slow down too, your brake lights can help give them enough time to slow down.

2. Drive Around Running Water

Though childlike impulses tell us that driving through puddles is a good idea, going through a lot of water can impact your ability to control the vehicle. Even if the water is only a couple inches high, driving through water can make your vehicle skid, hydroplane, or even get pulled along with the running water. Vehicles with all-wheel drive are the safest choices when you must drive through running water, but even heavy, large vehicles with 4-wheel drive can be carried away by running water that is only a foot deep.

3. Use Your Headlights

Always use your headlights during a light sprinkle because they will help other drivers see you. However, you should never turn on your high beams in heavy rain. While high beams generally help you see further, during the rain these powerful lights will reflect their light off the water droplets and back into your eyes.

4. Don’t Brake While Hydroplaning

During the rain, vehicles face a higher risk of hydroplaning, which occurs when tires are unable to clear excess water. While you can’t prevent hydroplaning, you can help keep control of your vehicle by avoiding braking and rotating the wheel. Though it is tempting to slam on the brakes when you’ve lost control of your car, doing so can make your vehicle spin or skid. Instead, take your foot off the gas pedal and steer the vehicle straight until the tires regain traction.

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