5 Way to Keep Your Car from Breaking Down

How to Avoid Car Problems

If you are lucky enough to own a set of wheels, there are some steps you should take to ensure the longevity of your vehicle. Here are 5 tips brought to you by American Tri Star Insurance, San Diego Auto Insurance experts, that can help keep your car from breaking down.

1. Follow maintenance schedule

Some car maintenance services need to be completed at regular intervals throughout your car’s lifespan. The most obvious example of this is your car’s oil, which must be changed approximately every three months. Routine maintenance instructions can be found in your car owner’s manual, or you can ask your car dealership for assistance.

2. Check Tires and Fluids

Checking your car’s tire pressure and fluids at least once a month can help prevent issues like driving with a flat tire or running out of transmission fluid. This is a simple act that many car owners tend to overlook, but is easy to learn and can prevent serious problems.

3. Report Unusual Noises

Whether you have a car, motorcycle or RV, unusual engine noise may be a sign of a potential malfunction. For example, a common noise many people let fall between the cracks is a rumbling underneath the feet. This is typically a sign that struts need to be replaced. Acting in a timely manner could save you from most major underlying issues.

4. Look into Recall Notices

If you have received a recall notice for your vehicle or a particular feature of your vehicle, it is important follow up with your car dealership. Recalls generally indicate that the vehicle or vehicle part make the car dangerous to drive. Addressing the recall notice with your dealership can help your avoid larger problems, and, while going through the recall process can be a hassle, the dealer does the replacements for free!

5. Let your car warm up properly

It is important to let your car warm up on colder days. This doesn’t mean letting the car idle, which is bad for both your car and the environment, but waiting approximately 30 seconds after turning your car on before driving off is a good way to protect your car’s engine.

If you’re like most Americans, you would be hard-pressed to go about your day without a vehicle. Ensure that you won’t have to try going about your routine without your car by keeping yours in top shape. Regular maintenance can be key for getting the best performance from your vehicle and for ensuring that the vehicle lasts a good, long time.

If you’re concerned about what you would do if your car were to breakdown, consider contacting American Tri-Star insurance. Our auto insurance policies can help you cover car repairs, as well as rental cars while your vehicle is in the shop. Give us a call at 619-325-0326 to learn more about our insurance policies, or to ask about a free quote.