How Does Having a Swimming Pool Impact Your Home Insurance?

Swimming Pool and Home Insurance in San Diego, CA

Though your family may be excited about purchasing a home with a swimming pool or building one at your existing home, you may want to consider how this recreational addition can impact your homeowners insurance. The insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance Chula Vista want to share a few reasons why having a pool makes a difference.

Pools Can Lead to Liability Claims

Having a pool means greater exposure to risk. You could be liable for medical bills and more if visitors injure themselves, even if they weren’t invited. If someone does get hurt or drowns on your property, you could be looking at serious liability claims. Additions like diving boards or slides might increase the risk. Get the maximum coverage you can afford, and ask your insurer about umbrella coverage, which gives liability protection well beyond existing policy limits. It’s often affordable and relative to the amount of extra protection.

Safety Measures Matter

To minimize your risks, local ordinances or Chula Vista home insurance carriers may require you to build a fence around the pool, with specific security measures such as lighting or locked gates. If your house opens directly to the pool, you may need door alarms or a pool cover to protect children from falling in.

Equipment and Accessories May Need Coverage

A pool requires equipment to maintain it, and you will likely want to add some accessories and poolside furniture. All of these things have monetary value, so be sure you’re covered, especially for the more costly items. Check with your insurer regarding maximum payouts for certain items, and be sure to list them. You may not care about a few lawn chairs, but might want coverage if you’ve installed an expensive sound system to play music while you swim.

Higher Value May Lead to Higher Rates

A pool often raises the value of a home, and some policies stipulate pools be covered for up to 10 percent of the home value. Depending on your policy, you may be covered for only a portion of your costs if damage to the pool occurs. Understand your policy and discuss options with your agent.

Risk and value are two of the major things to take into consideration regarding any additions to your home. To learn more about your options for home insurance, or for information on auto, health, bond, and commercial insurance in Chula Vista, call American Tri-Star today at 619-827-0522.