Summer Car Safety Tips

Car Safty Tips for the Summer in San Diego, CA

Summer is in full swing in San Diego. As the heat wave begins to take its toll, drivers need to take all of the necessary safety precautions. Here are some very important summer car safety tips to keep in mind, presented by American Tri-Star, the experts in auto insurance in San Diego.

  • Maintain the correct tire pressure

    Driving on a set of underinflated tires dramatically increases the likelihood of a dangerous tire blowout. To ensure that your tires remain properly inflated, it is a good idea to check the tire pressure about every two weeks. Although a digital tire pressure gauge costs a bit more, it is far more accurate than a traditional tire pressure gauge.

  • Check the coolant level

    In order for your engine to stay cool, it needs to have the correct amount of coolant. If you notice that the coolant level is low, there is probably a leak. Often times, the leak may stem from a loose hose connection or damaged radiator.

  • Remove excess clutter from your car

    When parked in direct sunlight, the inside of a car can quickly reach temperatures in excess of 140 degrees. Flammable objects such as lighters and batteries can explode instantly. To avoid a sudden fire, take the time to clean out the entire interior of your vehicle.

  • Never leave kids or animals in the car

    Each year, there are dozens of reports of children or animals who suffer injuries, heat stroke and more as the result of being left in a hot vehicle. With hot temperatures in San Diego, it’s important to never leave children or animals in the car, even if only for a few minutes.

  • Keep emergency items on hand

    No vehicle is immune to experiencing a breakdown. Keeping the necessary emergency items on hand will keep you safe. Some of the essential items include emergency road flares, jumper cables, first aid kit, and a cell phone. The summer heat can cause dehydration, so keep a few bottles of water with you as well.

  • Drive with extra precaution

    With thousands of tourists descending on San Diego for summer vacation, it is even more important for locals to drive cautiously. Following the speed limit, always looking before changing lanes, and making complete stops at stop signs can help you avoid an accident with a lost or confused tourist on the road. An added bonus – following these best driving practices also makes you eligible for a safe driver discount with your insurance agency so you can enjoy cheap car insurance in San Diego!

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