Winter Storage for the Responsible Motorcycle Rider

Winter Storage for the Responsible Motorcycle Rider in San Diego, CA

For motorcyclists, road conditions are especially hazardous during the winter, meaning bike should remain tucked away until the weather permits riding without risk of injury. While not riding your motorcycle, proper winter storage has proven extremely cost-effective. This enables riders to save money by avoiding unnecessary insurance fees during periods of inactivity while simultaneously keeping bikes in excellent condition.

So what do motorcyclists need to do to store their vehicle during the winter season? The process is fairly straightforward. Though the specifics may vary from one type of motorcycle to the other, you can typically fill in the blanks by consulting your owner’s manual. As a rule of thumb, start by thoroughly washing the motorcycle down with a sponge before allowing it to dry in the sun. Once this is done, change the oil and fill the tank with treated gasoline; this will ensure that the bike is ready to be ridden in the spring, and will also help combat the formation of rust and varnish. Keep insects out by covering the mufflers, and connect the battery to a trickle charger to keep the power level healthy until the end of the season.

Check with your San Diego motorcycle insurance provider to see what your options are regarding fee reduction during storage. In many cases, you can reduce your plan to simple comprehensive coverage during the winter by getting in touch with your agent and informing him that your vehicle will be put away until the beginning of spring. If the option of comprehensive coverage is unavailable to you, ask if you’re eligible for a temporary cost reduction.

Adequate storage guarantees that, when spring arrives, your motorcycle will be in wonderful shape and you’ll have held onto a substantial amount of money that might have gone to waste. So what are you waiting for? See if you can save this winter on your motorcycle insurance with American-Tri Star! Servicing areas throughout San Diego County, we’ll help you find the right level of motorcycle insurance for your specific needs. Contact an insurance specialist today at 619-272-2100 and don’t forget to ask about how to save even more when you bundle your motorcycle insurance with your San Diego auto insurance plan.