Is There a Fee Associated with an SR-22?

How Much is SR22 in San Diego

The requirement of filing an SR-22 is a legal determination and should be taken very seriously. So what is an SR-22 and who has to file one?

An SR-22 is a certificate issued by an auto insurer, serving as an official verification that a driver is in compliance with California state laws requiring vehicles to carry a minimum of liability coverage. This is commonly referred to as “proof of financial responsibility.” An SR-22 filing is ordered by the court for individuals who have had their license suspended for offenses such as DUI, driving without a valid license or driving without valid insurance protection.

There are multiple costs associated with filing an SR-22 which vary depending on the San Diego auto insurance agency who issues it. In addition to the insurance agency’s fee for the SR-22 filing, which usually ranges from $20-$50 but can be more, there are also costs associated with the overall increase to insurance premiums.

An SR-22 filing is applicable in instances where a major driving offense has occurred causing the license to be suspended conditionally. This deems the driver “high risk”. Since risk ratings are how premiums are determined, it is natural to expect a reasonable increase in premium reflecting the added risk.

Once the policy is in force, the insurer forwards the SR-22 confirming insurance compliance to support the reinstatement of the driving license. If the policy has a lapse in coverage for any reason, the DMV is notified, likely leading to the re-suspension of driving license privileges. There is also a $125 fee that must be paid to DMV for filing the SR-22. The fees cover extra processing made necessary for the agencies involved.

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