4 Social Media Strategies for Deterring Burglars

Social Media Hacks for Dettering Burglars in San Diego, CA

Social media has changed the way people live, including the way they connect with others. However, you might be connecting with the wrong people without even knowing it, particularly burglars. The insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance San Diego share four ways you can prevent burglary on social media.

1. Disable Location Settings

One of the easiest ways robbers can locate your home is through selfies with location data attached to them. You might be taking selfies with locations attached without knowing. Check your phone settings to ensure location services are disabled to prevent burglars from knowing where you live. Not only will this tip them off on where you live, but when you check into local restaurants and stores, burglars will know you are out of the house, giving them an opportunity to break in.

2. Avoid Bragging in Posts

Light-hearted bragging on social media is a mistake most people make. Sometimes it is simple and fun to make announcements to others, but you could be broadcasting to potential burglars. Avoid making posts that feature expensive or high-cost items like wedding rings, televisions, cars, and computers. These types of posts give burglars a window to look through the stuff available in your home. They could judge whether or not your home is worth breaking into and what items to specifically target. It is important to also avoid bragging about vacations. Again, this goes hand in hand with the location settings. Announcing to your social media followers that you’re on vacation is like personally inviting burglars into your home who know you won’t be around for a couple of days.

3. Set Proper Privacy Settings

It can be fun to make new friends through old established friends, and these people may seem nice online. However, if you don’t know them in person they could be potential burglars searching for your private information. You could also be posting status updates and check-ins to anyone who views your social media profile. To prevent anyone from just walking into your social media account’s doorstep, set up proper privacy settings that only allow friends and followers you approve of. You might be tempted to set your privacy settings to “Friends of Friends’” but some of your friends might have the habit of collecting thousands of random online friends, giving those unknown people the key to viewing your profile and private information.

4. Don’t Branch Out Too Far

Social media often encourages people to broadcast their lives out to as many followers and friends as possible. People tend to collect friends and followers to make themselves look popular online, which can be fun but can also spell disaster. It is okay to contact old friends from school or childhood friends, but make sure you will actually stay in contact with them rather than keeping them around for no reason on social media. Limit the number of friends you have on social media to prevent private announcements from spreading outside of your social circle and into the hands of burglars.

Even if you play it safe on social media, there are other factors that could influence a burglar to break into your home, which means it’s important to make sure you have good homeowners insurance. San Diego residents can trust in American Tri-Star to provide high-quality affordable home insurance as well as health, commercial, and auto insurance. Call 619-272-2100 today to speak with a friendly agent and receive a complimentary quote.